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Our primary headquarters is located in Ohio, complemented by a branch office in Kentucky, and remote teams strategically placed in essential markets nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Often the denial from the carrier is based on incomplete or inaccurate information received by the company. A denial is not final until a judge rules or until the statute of limitations (for appeal) terms.

Our work is performed on a contingency-basis so we do not charge an upfront fee. Any fees incurred on your behalf are documented and presented to you as they occur. Final invoicing is submitted to you once the insurance company has released funds.

Upon hiring us, we offer a free initial consultation to understand your situation. If we can help, we provide a state-approved contract for review and answer any questions. There’s a mandatory period where you can cancel the contract. During this time, please send us relevant documents. After this period, if you choose to continue, we begin our work. Direct all external inquiries to our office, and we handle the rest!

We do not offer guarantees on coverage or any replacement/repairs. However, our invoice for service is contingency-based so we get paid if we aid in your recovery. For this reason, we only accept valid cases where we feel we can be of assistance. 

The insurance process is facilitated by state statutes [law]. Some states have a very tight timeline outlining the number of days allowable for processing that, in turn,  allows us to predict the potential payout for your claim resolution. In those states we can predictably anticipate payout within 6-8 weeks from the start of our involvement in the claim.

Some do not have defined timelines and instead use ambiguous terminology like “prompt” to describe the amount of time allowable to complete the process.

Regardless of your state’s guidelines, our team keeps a very detailed accounting of the actions taking place and how frequently they occur – creating an actionable trend that can be utilized to present your case. 

It is statutorily prohibited for an insurance company to retaliate against a policyholder for filing a claim and/or seeking representation by means of a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster or an attorney.

That being said, our office cannot guarantee your insurance company will not engage in unfair claims practices prohibited by state statute [law].

Once contracted, we will be there to document any and all acts of bad acting to help protect your interests and to demand compliance with the laws as set forth. And, if you’re considering our services, you may already have been victim to unfair claims practices. We know the laws and will be your watchdog to protect against future violations.

Contractors who provide a quality service can only do so by hiring a qualified team and purchasing materials in good condition with warranty of wear. If your contractor is cutting into their profits to waive your deductible, they’re sacrificing quality somewhere in the process.

In some states, it is illegal to waive deductibles. We will never suggest to change your contractor of preference. But if your contractor is waiving deductibles, they may not be around in a few years when you need them to service the warranty they promised.

Also, contractors who specialize in roofs may not be focused on resulting interior damages. Mold, water stains and damaged materials may have been missed. You need someone to consider all damages to your property without singular focus on one type of recovery.

Public Insurance Adjusters (PIAs) are state-certified and we are required to learn the applicable laws, duty bound to uphold any statutory requirements and we are required to engage in continued education in insurance practices and in ethics.

PIAs will obtain the carrier’s policy documents, review the contract language with the insurance company and ensure all duties are performed to facilitate your recovery. Laymen are not typically well-versed in the means of performing and executing the duties of a policy and, sometimes, they are not aware of allowable benefits.

Although insurance companies and their employees are also duty-bound to advise the policyholder, the experience level of their staff is not closely monitored by the state. We are aware of adjusters with no prior insurance, construction or policy language experience who were previously assigned to work high-dollar, large loss and total loss claims on behalf of the insurance company.

Some states also do not require the insurance company adjuster to take or maintain a state license. Take the state of Ohio, for example. Ohio does not require the insurance company’s adjuster have a license before handling claim files. Imagine someone who was fired from a retail job as a cashier last week is now hired on by your insurance company and is in charge of paying your claim equitably!

The adjuster may not willingly or knowingly underpay or mismanage your claim for damages. But without the proper experience and with hundreds of employees being supervised by only a few managers, it is easy to see how your claim could be underpaid or improperly denied.

PIAs cannot prevent those adjusters from being assigned but we can challenge the assessments and work within the policy contract to obtain payment on a fair and complete evaluation.

The fees we charge are paid on a contingency basis and the percentage allowable will vary. In every case, the allowable fee is set forth by the state in question.

As part of the consultation process, you will be advised what the allowable fee amounts are and the state-approved contract will also have documentation of the fee payment amounts.

As such the fee is not negotiable. Once our contract is executed, the fee amount will not exceed the maximum allowable by state statute, nor will it be reduced by any work performed by the policyholder(s) or a representative of the policyholder(s).

Grow with us

Interested in working together?

At Green Public Insurance Adjusting, we welcome inquiries and collaborations from talented, experienced individuals who are passionate about assisting policyholders during their times of need.

If you’re interested in exploring opportunities with us, please complete our Contract Interest Form below. By submitting this form, you express your interest in potential future 1099 contract opportunities with us.

This is not an application for employment and does not bind you or Green Public Insurance Adjusting in any way.

Upon receipt, our team may reach out to you to discuss possible matches with future open positions. In such cases, you may be invited to submit a formal application and resume. All information shared will be kept confidential and will be used solely for potential contract purposes.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of our dynamic team, where we strive to advocate for policyholders and navigate them through the intricate insurance claims process.

Together, we can build a future where all policyholders are adequately represented and supported!

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Is now in Kentucky serving clients affected by the tornados. Stop by our satellite location at 3205 US Highway 641 N in Benton, KY. We’re just down the road from the Kentucky Opry.