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Our Steps, To Your Claim Success

Engage with us right from the onset of your claim process. With our expert handling, you'll benefit from a thorough assessment of property damages.

Trust in our capability to present your claim in the most effective manner. By letting us take the helm, you can be assured of a swift and smooth claim resolution, for any type of policy or claim:

Whether it’s you, a sibling, an aunt, or even your grandparents, life’s unpredictable nature means we’ll all face insurance losses at one time or another.

When that time comes for someone you care about, we’re here to guard their claim and work toward swift, just settlement.

getting started

First Steps

Set up a phone call or a virtual Zoom session with one of our partners. We’ll delve into the specifics of your loss event, analyze your insurance company’s current response, and assess potential coverage under your policy. If we believe we can assist you, we’ll let you know right then, ensuring you’re aware of the support we can offer moving ahead.

Remember, our initial consultation is entirely complimentary. You’re under no obligation to disclose specific property details, your claim deductible amount, or your building coverage limits. We’re here to help and guide.

Once we’ve established that we can be of service, we’ll send over the necessary contract documentation electronically for your perusal. There’s no need for face-to-face meetings, ensuring your convenience.

Every contract we use at Green Public Insurance Adjusting has already been vetted and pre-approved by the pertinent state authority. We stand by our commitment to transparency and legality; hence, we only use contracts that have received state sanction. Moreover, any modifications to our contract templates also undergo rigorous state scrutiny before we integrate them into our recovery protocols.

Upon your receipt of the contract and related claim documents, we’ll guide you through each section, ensuring clarity. While we’re here to assist you at every step, this initial review is an opportune moment to address any queries or concerns you might have. We always advise our clients to take their time and thoroughly assess any contractual commitment before giving their consent. Your peace of mind is paramount to us.

By legal stipulation, there’s a 3-7 day rescission window after you sign our contract. This duration, tailored to state-specific regulations, allows you to cancel our agreement without any obligations. The exact rescission timeline and its concluding date are clearly mentioned in the contract for your reference.

During this interval, while our team won’t be liaising with your insurance company, we encourage you to collate and send over any pertinent documents and a copy of your claim policy to our office.

Post the rescission period, Green Public Insurance Adjusting will formally notify your insurance company of our representation. This marks the onset of our dedicated claim management on your behalf. Please note, any hold-ups in furnishing us with the necessary documents can potentially impede the swift progression of your claim.

As we notify your insurance company of our involvement, we also dispatch a Proof of Loss package to them. This package is pivotal, as every insurance company operates under a policy contract that dictates the claims recovery procedure. Submitting the Proof of Loss marks our first step in ensuring we adhere to all responsibilities under the loss provisions of the policy contract.

In certain states, a notary service might be mandated to accompany the Proof of Loss documentation. Should this be a requirement in your state, Green Public Insurance Adjusting will inform you ahead of time so you can secure the necessary notary’s seal for this phase.

A skilled and certified Field Inspector from Green Public Insurance Adjusting will visit the property to capture detailed photographic evidence of the damage. During this visit, they’ll take all essential measurements, readings, and conduct a basic room inventory.

In instances where personal items have sustained damage, a separate appointment will be coordinated with a Contents Inspector. This session is dedicated to capturing detailed photos and maintaining a thorough inventory of the affected items. Depending on the volume of damaged items, this inspection could span up to 8 hours. We’ll delve deeper into this process during our initial consultation.

All collected data contributes to shaping the second part of the Proof of Loss, which provides a clear quantification of the damages. While we expect this review to capture over 90% of the overall loss, there might be instances where additional damages come to light during the repair phase or when expert consultations are needed.

Before we forward this damage assessment package to your insurance provider, we’ll walk you through it, ensuring you’re fully informed and in agreement.

After our comprehensive inspection, your primary involvement in the process largely concludes, unless your insurance company mandates further meetings. The policy contract allows your insurer to conduct as many inspections as deemed necessary. Our dedicated Field Inspector will collaborate with the insurer’s adjuster, keeping you updated post-meeting as we transition into the active recovery stage.

From the moment Green Public Insurance Adjusting steps in until this phase wraps up, a span of 10-14 business days is typical. However, any scheduling hiccups from the insurance company’s end or delays in document submissions on your part might stretch this duration.

Upon finalizing this, we navigate the intricate recovery negotiations with your insurer. This phase can range anywhere from 6 weeks to 120 days, contingent on state regulations, the insurer’s adherence levels, and potential interventions we might seek from the state’s Department of Insurance to ensure the insurance company’s collaboration.







How We Serve

Trust the process
Sending Notice

After the agreement is finalized and the rescission period has concluded, we promptly notify your insurance provider and get started on processing your claim!

Inspections and Estimating

We first inspect the property, then join your insurance adjuster for a mutual assessment. Before our meeting, we share our claim estimate with the adjuster for efficient discussions. We review the estimate with you to ensure we're aligned on the claim's value and basis.

Claim Payout

Once the claims recovery is complete, the insurance company issues a two-party payment to us. Multiple payments might be made for your claim. We'll meet to go over the payout. In this meeting, we transfer the insurance payment to you and receive our service fee.

Escalation Support

If the insurance company doesn't provide a fair payout based on our jointly agreed estimate, we prepare the claim file for review by local legal representation. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support to the attorney throughout the process.

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