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Insurance Claim Champions

Facing a claim denial, delay, or dispute can leave you feeling helpless. But, you are not alone:

Let Green Public Insurance Adjusting take the lead, and fight to help you receive the fair settlement you’re owed.

Start your journey today.

Don’t let this happen to you. We’re here to help you stand up to the insurance company’s unfair practices and make sure you get a fair deal on your property insurance claim.

In your corner

Your ally

When buying insurance, you might choose a local agent because you know and trust them.

But, here’s the truth: when you file a property insurance claim for your home, business, or other property, that friendly local agent won’t handle it.

Instead, a busy claims staff member at the insurance company, who may not know you or your community, takes over.

This switch often leads to problems. Online, you’ll find many stories of people not getting the claim help they needed. Some have had their property insurance claim underpaid or even unfairly denied.


Making a Difference

Why Partner With Green Public Insurance Adjusting?

Unveil the Power of a Public Insurance Adjuster

Green Public Insurance Adjusting represents a new dimension of assistance when it comes to handling your insurance claims.

We are licensed public insurance adjusters, qualified to evaluate and negotiate your insurance claim, and represent you – the policyholder – in Ohio.

Regulated and licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance, public insurance adjusters like Green Public Adjusting – along with attorneys and record brokers – are the only entities legally capable of representing policyholders during the insurance claim process in Ohio.

Our role is singularly focused – ensuring that the claim settlement aligns with your best interest.

We don’t offer repair or replacement services; instead, our expertise lies in reconciling your claim with the insurer.

The cost of hiring our premium services typically ranges between 5% and 15% of the claim settlement.

Among the approximately 150 licensed public adjusters in Ohio, Green Public Insurance Adjusting sets itself apart with its wide-range of claim specialties.

We handle your claims related to damage from water, fire, tornados, hail, vandalism, theft, business interruption, and more.

Our team can provide inventorying and documentation services to ensure a smooth claim filing process.

With Green Public Insurance Adjusting, you can focus on your business recovery, while we expertly handle the claims filing and documentation process.

Choosing Green Public Insurance Adjusting means choosing a seasoned ally to navigate the complex landscape of property insurance claims, aiming to secure a fair settlement for your claim.

Our mission

Empowering Property Owners with Comprehensive Claim Assistance

As Public Insurance Adjusters, we stand by you, ensuring you receive all the benefits you’re entitled to from your insurance policy.

Be it replacing damaged floors or appliances, packing and storing furniture, or updating old wiring, our purpose is to help you recover fully and quickly.

Think about it – does your insurance company have a personal stake in your total recovery? Not really.

When property damage disrupts your life or business, it’s unlikely that the insurance adjuster has a personal investment in your wellbeing. Nor does your policy offer protection for the time you spend coordinating property inspections or dealing with income loss.

That’s where we differ. At Green Public Insurance Adjusting, we align our interests with yours. Our compensation is tied to your recovery, which means we don’t get paid unless you do!

Our team works on a contingency basis, putting our utmost effort into securing rightful claims. We only take on cases with legal merit, working diligently to deliver the best possible outcomes.

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Get informed

Discover the Financial Landscape of Ohio's Insurance Companies!

Understanding the scope of Ohio’s insurance industry can be eye-opening. Based on data from the Ohio Department of Insurance, it’s fascinating to observe the substantial earnings reported by insurance companies each year.

Here, we share insights into the financial figures for the top 10 companies. For a broader perspective, we invite you to research further. The 2019 Ohio Homeowners Insurance Complaint Ratios list on the Ohio Department of Insurance website provides detailed data for the top 50 companies. Stay informed and make savvy decisions regarding your property insurance needs.

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Is now in Kentucky serving clients affected by the tornados. Stop by our satellite location at 3205 US Highway 641 N in Benton, KY. We’re just down the road from the Kentucky Opry.