The Insurance Check Whac-A-Mole

They’d been paying premiums every month for insurance and the adjuster just tried to make them responsible for paying everything upfront.  That’s worse than kicking a man when he’s down… that’s like hitting him over the head with a big mallet when he tries to get back up!

In Kentucky, Section 806 KAR 12:095 – Unfair claims settlement practices for property and casualty insurance reads:

“If requested by the insured, the insurer shall provide a copy of the claim file worksheets showing any and all deductions for depreciation.”

That’s an important fact to know. How can you use this important fact to your benefit?

If the insurance adjuster cannot show the calculations – by the way, an estimate for repairs does not meet the definition of a worksheet – you now have grounds to file an immediate complaint with the Department of Insurance and have them investigate.

At the very least, the Department of Insurance can require the adjuster pay you for the amount they held back. Best case scenario, the Department could issue a monetary fine to make the company think twice before trying to take advantage of you again.

So don’t let the insurance company hold your money while you struggle. You need that money to pay your contractors and buy your materials before the prices get higher. It’s not fair handling and the insurance adjuster knows it!

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Did your insurance adjuster take off years of depreciation from your check? Under Kentucky state law they have to send you proof of how much is owed – but only if you ask for it.

Why does this matter? If your house was built 50 years ago, they’ll make you pay more out of your own pocket and not explain how they came up with the number. One of our clients received a claim payment where more than 25% of the check was held back. The adjuster depreciated the value of the roofing elements by 50 years based on nothing more than the construction date of the house!

“Of course they know. They’ve seen the damage they know we can’t stay in here!”

– Homeowner in Gilbertsville KY

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