Angela Henderson, CLMP, Imparts Wisdom at the PAGPS 2023 Conference With “The Art of the Letter”

Angela (Henderson) Andrews in the spotlight as a speaker at the PAGPS 2023 conference

In the world of public insurance adjusting, communication is key. Articulating claims, ensuring all parties are informed, and maintaining clarity are fundamental. But is there an art to this necessary skill? Angela Henderson, co-founder of Green Public Insurance Adjusting and a certified CLMP, certainly believes so. At the recent Public Adjuster Greater Philadelphia Summit (PAGPS), Angela showcased her expertise with her continuing education-accredited class, The Art of the Letter.

For those unfamiliar with the world of public insurance adjusting, the art of crafting a letter might seem a mundane skill. But in reality, a well-crafted letter can be the difference between a smoothly settled claim and a long, drawn-out dispute. Angela’s class aimed to elevate the importance of this skill among her peers and budding adjusters.

The Art of The Letter Highlights

Throughout the class, Angela emphasized precision, clarity, and empathy. She covered topics ranging from the basics of letter structure to the nuanced techniques of ethical persuasive writing. By the end of her session, attendees walked away with a renewed appreciation for the importance of effective written communication in the insurance adjusting world.

Angela’s expertise is backed by years of experience in the field. Having handled countless claims across Ohio, Kentucky, and Texas, and more, she has seen firsthand the impact of a well-drafted letter. Her commitment to excellence and her drive to share her knowledge is a testament to her dedication to the industry.

The response to Angela’s class at the PAGPS was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees lauded her for the actionable insights she provided, with many expressing their eagerness to implement the techniques she shared in their own practices.

Who is Angela Henderson?

However, Angela’s impact extends far beyond the classroom. As a co-founder and partner at Green Public Insurance Adjusting, she has been instrumental in driving the company’s success. Her meticulous attention to detail, combined with her empathetic approach, has made her a favorite among clients. It’s no wonder that Green Public Insurance Adjusting has become a go-to name for many policyholders in the regions Angela serves.

Whether you attended the PAGPS or not, the importance of effective communication in public insurance adjusting cannot be overstated. And if you’re a policyholder based in Ohio, Kentucky, or Texas, and find yourself in need of an adjuster who truly understands the art of the letter, look no further than Angela Henderson.

Ready to experience the difference a seasoned professional can make for your property claim, dispute, denial, or delay?

Reach out to Angela Henderson at Green Public Insurance Adjusting today and ensure your claim is in the best hands.


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